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I like to do stuff and then I like to tell people about the stuff I did.   I share my stories because the places/experiences/things are meaningful to me in some way.   

Almost all of the posts you read on Sometimes Eventful are about things we do as a family who likes to get outside and explore - particularly in Ontario, Canada.  We make our plans, pay our entrance and parking fees and participate the same way as any other family.

With that being said, sometimes I receive free invitations for activities and events or products to review. I'll only write about those experiences or products if they are relevant to the type of subjects you find on Sometimes Eventful.  My reviews will always be my honest, unbiased opinion. And I always try to find the most positive angle of any story.   (Unless, of course, the experience or product was truly so horrible that I feel the need to warn every one of my readers to stay away from it.  Consider yourself warned.)  If I attend an activity or event or receive a product to review for free, I will disclose that information in my post.  

This blog is all about sharing information and stories about things that are of personal interest to me and my family, and is a labour of love that I manage in my spare time.  I also have a full time job. So, any of the opinions I express in this blog are completely my own and may not represent those of my employer.  On the chance that there is a connection between my "day job" and a posting on this blog, it is because I chose to write the story above and beyond my normal work activities, out of personal interest. My employer does not compensate me for any content on this blog that may be related to the organization where I work.

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