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A Moody Shoreline And A Moment To Reflect

I have wanted to visit the Temagami region for over 20 years. I first learned about the area when it became a hot topic in the mainstream media, with reports of the old-growth pines being in danger from logging and mining. I wasn't a big camper back then, and I thought that Temagami was very, very far away. But I did think to myself that one day I would like to see those 300 year-old trees.
Over the years, Temagami and its trees moved to a back corner in my brain. Not forgotten, really. But not thought about, either. Then, with the advent of social media and my jump into the Ontario outdoors blogging world, I started to see posts about the place on Facebook and Twitter. Temagami moved its way back to the front of my mind. I found out about Wolf Lake. Once again, I thought about how much I would like to see those very, very old trees.
This past weekend, it happened. It was a very short stay, but one that had an impact. We'll be going back and it won't take 20 yrs for a return visit.
The weather was windy and cool for much of the trip. You could say the lake was moody as I looked across the water of this sacred place to ancient pines that have seen the seasons change for centuries. This place I've wanted to see for more than half my life.