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Rules? What Rules? Camp Rules....

Summer! It's that long-awaited season of kicking off the formalities and heading outside to do... 

Whatever the heck we want to do!

The rules are different in summer. Waaayyyyy different. Especially when you go camping. Here are the Sometimes Eventful camp rules. What are some of yours?


  1. I like how carefree this article is, and how heartfelt the ideas were. However, I believe in every camping trip, safety should be the number one priority to ensure that everyone enjoys the experience safely and free from injuries. I found additional tips from this article worth checking out:

  2. Camping is a great adventure and even if there are no rules for "fun", it's worth mentioning that having the right equipment, clothes and other gear ensure that you'll stay safe, as well. Being proactive is necessary so make sure you have adequate supply and have the best tents, clothes and sleeping bags from trusted manufacturers. Don't forget that having top-notch equipments make camping more fun and sets the stage to build more happy memories! For additional tips and information regarding safe camping, see


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