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Introducing Our New Family Member!

We have a new family member! If you have been following us on social media, you've already met Buddy through a few of my posts and pictures. But I realised the other day that I haven't really introduced him to the world properly. Sorry about that! It's time for me to welcome him to our wonderful tribe the right way - with a blog post.

I'm thrilled to officially introduce you to our bouncing little boy named Buddy. He's the new adventure dog on the block, and we can not be any happier that he's joined our family.

Since he is part of our family, I'm also putting him to work as a member of the Sometimes Eventful team. Buddy is our gear tester, rabbit chaser, guardian of campsites, and slick canine adventure model. I can tell you, he's a natural at all of these tasks.

Buddy is a Jack Russell Terrier that we adopted in March from Carter's Forever Rescue and Sanctuary in Bracebridge, Ontario.  He’s approximately one year old, and small but mighty. He's already proving himself to be a fearless adventure dog.

He's already joined us hiking....

 And biking..... 

And geocaching....

And very soon, he'll be also be a paddling dog.

As I mentioned earlier, Buddy came from a Muskoka rescue organization. It was very important for us to work through a rescue for our new family member, for the simple fact that there are so many wonderful pets who need homes. In our experience, rescue dogs are amazing animals. Sure - they may need some extra work and may have some special challenges, but ultimately the love they give back is worth everything you put into them to overcome any problems they have.

Of course, just because a dog is a rescue it doesn't mean that there will be issues. Buddy joined our family house and crate trained, and hasn't shown any signs of separation anxiety or other issues that rescue dogs commonly have. He had no idea how to walk on a leash without pulling like an ox, but he's conquered that task already and does a great job now.

If you've been following me for awhile, you'll probably remember Hope The Wonder Dog. She was our amazing adventure companion for 11 years and passed away in the fall of 2014. Hope was also a rescue, who came from our local Humane Society. We still miss her terribly, but having the pitter-patter of little paws in the house has filled our home once again with the love and laughter that only a canine companion can bring.

Of course, no two dogs are alike and Buddy brings his own unique awesomeness to our home. He's a ball fanatic. In fact, he's obsessed with tennis balls and will go to extremes to grab one. He also loves playing Frisbee and chasing rabbits and birds. His knees are always dirty and grass stained. He loves belly rubs and sitting in your lap.

A short-legged little sprite like Buddy may seem like a strange choice as an outdoor dog, but if you know anything about Jack Russell Terrors... um, I mean Terriers... you'll know that they have boundless energy and a wicked sense of adventure. Buddy is true to his breed and is already showing that he is keen to go anywhere and try anything. Those little legs haven't stopped him from hiking sections of the Bruce Trail or running alongside a mountain bike for eight kilometers. They also haven't stopped him from jumping off the top of a 7' fence to play with the neighbour dogs, or out of a second story window and onto the roof of our house in search of a ball. But those are stories for another post.

Aside from the energy of a Jack Russell, there are other advantages to having a little dog... he's extremely portable and will fit beautifully into the canoe and a tent! In fact, if a hike gets too tiring for him, he'll even fit in a backpack. But I don't think being "too tired" will be a problem with this little guy.

Stay tuned to read more adventures with little Buddy.... I have a feeling there are going to be LOTS of stories to tell with this pup!

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