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An Easter Tradition: Hunting eggs for National Service Dogs

Good Friday is egg hunting day for us. But this isn't any ordinary egg hunt. This one involves the keen hunting skills of a canine partner. Ok. To be honest, it involves typical doggy over-exuberance, and it really doesn't involve much actual hunting.  But it's a great way to get outside with our families and furry partners to help out an excellent organization.  Each year, hundreds of dogs and their families gather to hunt Easter eggs in several Ontario cities and raise funds for National Service Dogs (NSD).  Buddy, our newest member of the family did a great job carrying on our tradition of taking part in this hunt.

Let's DO THIS! Buddy was proud to wear his first-ever fundraising bandanas. He earned them!

It was cold and icy on the hunting field, but that didn't stop dedicated families and their dogs from raising money for such a great organization. As dog owners, we know first hand how much our pets enrich our lives. They get us up and moving, they make us laugh and for many of us outdoorsy types our dogs can be our best adventure partners.  For some people with special needs, a dog is much more than a loyal friend. Having a service dog means having a constant, safe partner to help them navigate daily routines. It means enriching their quality of life and enhancing their independence. That is where NSD comes in.

A field of dog dreams.... Plastic eggs filled with cookies. The ice covered field was no match for all those dogs motivated by cookies or eggs that resemble toys or by human encouragement to "find it".
Have you ever seen a service dog at work? How about a cute little Labrador or golden retriever puppy wearing a purple vest, learning what it takes to be a future service dog? There's a good chance that the service dogs you've seen were provided to their families by National Service Dogs. NSD  breeds, trains and places specialized canines with people with autism or post traumatic stress disorder.

Look!  I see one over there! Buddy may have cracked open more than one egg before Emma could get them in the carton. But he wasn't interested in the cookies inside. He was on more of a "search and destroy" mission. I think it's a terrier thing.

We often see the NSD puppies in our community, hard at work learning to be good service dogs. And Emma has seen the impact first-hand of a service dog with another student in her school. When we learned that NSD does not receive any government funding, but yet provides the dogs to families free we knew that this was an organization we wanted to support. The annual Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs is a great way to do it!

Found it! So many eggs.... So many other dogs to look at... so much fun!


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