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A vintage prize

black and white postcard of canoes on a lake as the sun sets

I received a lovely gift in the mail yesterday.  It is a vintage postcard, sent from Ashley over at Tales of Me. I received it as a prize for taking part in a #MyWildCanada Twitter chat a couple of weeks ago.

It is a simple card in design. A black and white photo of a lake on the front. A brief message written in small, tidy handwriting on the back.  The date is August 14, 1952 and it cost 3¢ to mail.  While the photo lacks colour, if you have ever seen a sun set over an Ontario lake, it does not take any effort to "see" the colour in the picture.

I wasn't sure what to think when I learned I would be receiving this little piece of the past. Vintage normally isn't my thing. Despite our love of getting outside and retreating to a simpler way of living in the outdoors, we do it in a shiny-new-stuff kind of way.  Vintage usually only gets my attention if I have a personal connection to the item.

But this card - this brief moment in time - brought a smile to my face and charmed me as soon as I saw it. I've been thinking about it ever since I pulled it from the envelope. Who is Andy, who wrote the card? And who is Agnes who received it? Where is this lake? I'm a sucker for a mystery.

Andy's message to Agnes is brief. But it says volumes about the Ontario outdoor experience. "Doing a lot of fishing, but only caught two black bass," wrote Andy. "Having a nice rest - a beautiful scenic country with many lakes."

Sixty years after this postcard was written, a similar card could easily have been sent with a the very same message.  Perhaps from Alex to Gayle....  Aha. There is the connection. The message and the feeling it evokes of calm and being outside is as relevant now as it was in 1952. And the little bit of mystery is enticing.

It seems I am more into vintage than I realised.

Now, I'm off to Google lakes near Orrville, Ontario and see what I can find out about an Andy and Miss Agnes Wallace from Wingham.

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