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Five Days in Algonquin Park: Day 4 - Misty Morning, Algonquin Magic

Day 4 in Algonquin Park started early for us. We climbed out of our cosy beds while it was still dark. Bundled up in warm down jackets and merino wool beanies we made our way down to the lake. September mornings in Algonquin can be chilly, and the crisp air seems to enhance the magic of early mornings in the park. This day, the mist covered a lake that was still as glass. As pink tinted the sky, we could hear loons calling somewhere out of sight on the lake and we sat quietly taking it all in.

We weren't the only ones taking-in the magic of the Algonquin morning. A lone kayaker glided past us.

And we watched a couple of paddlers taking an early morning exploration in their canoe.

It inspired us to leave the silence of the little beach and scramble back up the hill to our own campsite to grab our gear. It was time for us to follow the call of the loon and get out onto the lake to watch the world wake up around us.

It didn't take long to find the loons that had been calling earlier. They seemed to welcome us to their place on the lake, offering space to watch the mist rise and the colours of the autumn forest blaze across the shore and up the distant hills.

After an hour or so on the lake, the magic of a misty Algonquin morning had filled us with anticipation to get moving and discover even more within the park. It was time to say good bye to the loons and head back to our campsite for hot coffee, a warm breakfast and preparations to hit another trail....

Thanks for sharing our adventure in Algonquin Park! Are you wondering what we did the other days we were there?  Check out the rest of the Five Days in Algonquin series here:

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