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We've Got The Blues, And It's Ok!

If you follow the Sometimes Eventful Facebook page, you may have seen a couple of recent posts about a pair of blue jays that have been hanging around our backyard.  I know blue jays aren't exactly rare, exotic birds in Southern Ontario. But they were rare in my neighbourhood until these two birds showed up a week or so ago.  In fact, we've lived in our home for 13 years and I've NEVER seen a blue jay in our yard.  So it was pretty exciting to see this pair.

The jays have cleaned-up all the grapes that were left hanging on the vine covering our pergola, as well as the dropped grapes on our deck.  They've also been enjoying the peanuts we throw out on the deck for them and from our neighbour's feeders.

It looks like these guys have decided it's a good neighbourhood and have decided to stick around.

Alex was home from work today, so when the Jays showed-up looking for peanuts, he had the perfect chance to play with our new GoPro. This is what he captured...

It's OK, birds. You can bring the blues to our backyard any time!

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