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Five Days in Algonquin Park: Day 1 - Canisbay Lake Campground

Last year, we discovered how incredibly beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park is when the forest is at the peak of it's fall colour change.  We loved our time in the park so much, we decided that we'd return in 2014 for a longer stay that included bringing our canoe and more time spent on the lakes and trails.

Once again, Ontario's iconic park did not disappoint us.  We were fortunate enough to have the best weather the region had seen all summer and, in my opinion, the best camping weather anyone could ask for: cold nights that dropped to a brisk 5° Celsius and warm days reaching highs around 24° Celsius. 

Our five days in Algonquin included hiking and paddling, cooking over the fire, smores and, most days, sleeping in. We really needed those five days to disconnect from a busy life, regroup after having to say a heartbreaking goodbye to our dog Hope, and reconnect with ourselves, each other and the great outdoors.   We needed Algonquin to rejuvenate our bodies and spirits. 

Here's the good news: being immersed in nature for five days accomplished all we were hoping to achieve.  But there is no way I can cover all five days of our trip in one blog post. There is just way to much Algonquin awesomeness to show you!  So I'm going to try something a little different. Each day this week I am going to share one day of our trip to Algonquin. I think the following posts will mostly be photo essays, because Algonquin in the fall really is a place to be seen. 

I hope you enjoy our five days in Algonquin Provincial Park, and that these posts will inspire you to get out there and also experience autumn in Algonquin!

Canisbay Lake Campground

Yellow and gold trees line a road in Canisbay Lake Campground
A campground road in Canisbay Lake Campground. 
We arrived at Canisbay Lake on Tuesday.  It was still too early in the week for the big, leaf-peeping crowds so registration was a breeze. The roads were wet after a week of rain and we were surprised to see a lot of green in the park. Last year, the leaves had already changed significantly when we pulled into the park and we were expecting the earth to sky show we experienced in 2013. But this year was different, we were a couple of days early.  What we learned at Canisbay Lake Campground this year is that a forest can go from green to golden almost overnight when the conditions are right. And it is a beautiful thing to witness.
Firepit and chairs set up on site 225, Canisbay Lake Campground
Early days of the colour change. By the end of the week, the gold and red of this hardwood forest had spread significantly and many more leaves covered the ground.

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