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A return to Long Point Provincial Park and good things that grow in Ontario

We just got back from a great trip to Ontario Parks' Long Point Provincial Park. This was our third time visiting in four years, so we've developed a bit of a tradition that's special to visiting the park.

Long Point is the Fourth oldest provincial park in Ontario (Est. 1921),  has over 1.5 km of sandy beach on the warm waters of Lake Erie and is located within a designated World Biosphere Reserve.  And, it's a neighbour to farming communities that grow some of Ontario's awesome, fresh produce.  

So, what does this have to do with developing traditions? 

Often, when we go camping we make a point of trying to experience the region we're visiting in more ways than from a campsite.  Sure, we love being in the wild, but one advantage of car or trailer camping is that you can leave the park you're visiting to catch a glimpse of life in an area you may never visit if it weren't for your camping trip.

We took advantage of the farm stands that are scattered along the way to the park. This year, our timing was awesome and we feasted on fresh Ontario watermelon, corn and peaches during our trip.  Yes - I said watermelon.  Ontario watermelon!!  

fresh Ontario produce, Ontario corn, Ontario watermelon

On our last night, we visited a local restaurant for some take out... I know, that doesn't sound very campish. But this was Ontario, Lake Erie perch and smelts take-out.  We ate it at a picnic bench over-looking the very lake where the fish was caught.

The dock at Port Rowan, Ontario

Have you ever noticed how good food tastes when you eat outside? Well, when that food is picked right from farms that are within just a few hours of where you are eating, or caught from a Lake you are looking at, it tastes even better! Good things definitely grow in Ontario and so do great experiences when you get outside.

Are you looking for more information about Long Point Provincial Park? Check out my my other blog post about the park by clicking here.

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