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Searching for Snow and a Christmas Tree: Finding our tree at Bell's Creek Tree Farm

It's the first week of December, and around the Sometimes Eventful house that means it's time to get a Christmas tree. This year, our tree-finding adventure had a special requirement. We really wanted to have a bit of fun in the snow as we searched for our tree - an impossible task around my home town right now. (As I write this, there is no snow here in Guelph.  Zip. Zero. Nothin'.)

We discovered last year that spending an hour or two at a farm finding and cutting down a Christmas tree was an awesome experience.  It was so much fun, we decided to make it a tradition. But we're a bit nomadic when it comes to adventure, which means that even tradition has a twist each year.  So, we decided to visit a different farm. One that had trees AND snow.

Thanks to the advice of a few of my Facebook friends who live in snowier regions than us, a search on the Christmas Trees Ontario website and a quick phone call to our chosen farm to confirm they were open, we pointed our truck North and drove an hour to Mount Forest.  Our snowier-than-home destination was Bell's Creek Tree Farm.

They have snow!  And trees! And really, really friendly people.

I love going for a walk in the winter, and Bell's Creek Tree Farm offers a nice little stroll across the creek to get to the trees.

Bell's Creek Tree Farm, Mount Forest Ontario, Christmas Tree

As we started our search, the rich smells of pine was revitalising.  And all of that snow was too much to resist..... 

But we were there for more than spontaneous snowball fights.  So many trees...

Bell's Creek Tree Farm, Mount Forest Ontario, Christmas Tree

We found the perfect one for us.  We chose a Blue Spruce this year - a first for us.  We just couldn't resist that colour.  The farm provided us with a saw to cut the tree, and the farmer took it back to our truck.  Did I mention how nice the farmer was?

Bell's Creek Tree Farm, Mount Forest Ontario, Christmas Tree

The farmer also helped with a bit of trimming.  He removed a couple of inches of lower branches so it would fit into our tree stand.  A chain saw is a lot handier for this than anything we have at home.  How did we know how much to trim?  Alex brought a tape measure.  Yes. He really did.  Snowball fights might be spontaneous, but getting the right tree and the right fit for the tree stand is serious business.  (And that's one of the reasons Alex is so awesome.  I would have just brought the tree home and then swore a lot when I realised it didn't fit in the stand - after I hauled it in the house and tried to "make it work".)

Once the business of choosing and trimming was done, we completed the adventure with a steaming cup of apple cider - compliments of the farm.  And with our goal accomplished for the second annual Labuz Family Christmas Tree Hunt, there were smiles all around.

Note:  Goofy hats are not required.

You Should Go!  Here's what you need to know....

Bell's Creek Tree Farm is located about one hour North of Guelph, just outside of Mount Forest on Sideroad 4 & 5 at 9496 Maas Park Drive.  In addition to cut-your-own, the farm offers pre-cut trees, potted trees, garland and greenery.  Kids get a colouring book and candy cane and everyone gets a steaming cup of apple cider or hot chocolate.

The farm doesn't have a website, but they can be reached by phone at 519-323-9992 or e-mail at

Hours of operation:
Wednesday - Friday, 2 - 8 pm
Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm

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