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Hiking Hilton Falls: Getting outside in a beautiful Conservation Halton park

Is anyone missing those glorious hues of early Fall?  Mid-November is a funny time of year in Southern Ontario.  The colour-show is over and the snow hasn't yet arrived.  It's like an in-between stage of remembering and anticipating.

So, while we're missing those warmer days of October and waiting for the snow to fly I thought I'd share a few shots I took at Hilton Falls Conservation Area on our annual Fall Into Nature/Thanksgiving Day Hike.

Hilton Falls, Halton Conservation Area, Hiking, Fall
Hilton Falls Conservation Area, Conservation Halton.   If you'd like to see these individually, or bigger, or more pictures from our hike that dayou can find them on the Sometimes Eventful Facebook page here: Falling In To Nature Album

Hilton Falls is a Conservation Halton park on the Niagara Escarpment. With a view of Kelso across the highway, this park is shared by hikers and mountain bikers. It has a really nice network of trails that also includes the Bruce Trail, a waterfall and some cool little "potholes" to explore.  And for the geocaching enthusiasts.... there are a few treasures to be found in the park.  It's a busy park, but there are enough side trails to take you away from crowds and let you get lost in the loveliness of the outdoors with little more than the birds making noise around you.   

You Should Go! Here's what you need to know....

You don't have to wait until Fall to visit Hilton Falls!  This is an all-season park that is beautiful at any time of year.  In winter, take some birdseed with you to feed the Chickadees - they'll eat right from your hand.

There is an entrance fee to enter Hilton Falls Park.  The fee also includes same-day entry into Conservation Halton's other parks, so if you are travelling from a distance plan to make a day of visiting  the other parks in the area.

For up to date entrance fees and more information about the Park, check out Conservation Halton's website.

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