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Have you started thinking about Christmas Shopping?

As I write this, I can hear the wind howling outside. We've had a dusting of snow. Halloween is done. Remberance Day has passed.  And that, my friends, means only one thing.  It's time to start thinking about Christmas!

I've already started my shopping.  And because I'm on top of things this year, I'm going to help you out with your planning.  Don't get too excited - I'm not doing your shopping for you.  But I can give you some ideas. I've started working on the Sometimes Eventful 2013 Gift Guide.  It's going to have a bunch of suggestions for the perfect present for the outdoorsy person or family on your list.  It might even spark some ideas for the not-so-outdoorsy person. I promise - the list is coming soon, so stay tuned.

While I'm working on finishing up that gift guide, I want to to tell you about an interesting idea I just heard about from Blurb*.

They're offering personalized “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. You probably know the ones... they have inspirational short stories that make the reader feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Kind of like the way chicken soup makes you feel.

Blurb Book, Chicken Soup for the SoulIf you have someone on your list that likes those kind of stories, you can make a book just for them.  You get to choose from five different story themes (from “Christmas Stories” to “Giving thanks”), have the book printed with their name on the cover, as the recipient. Your name is printed on the cover as the giver and you can include an inscription inside the book and on the back cover. As a final touch, you can add a photo to the back. 

There are other options to choose from, like the type of cover you’d like and the type of paper. It takes just about five minutes to make it a truly custom book. A 60-page book starts at just $24.95.  
There’s a quick video here: Chicken Soup for the Soul that shows you how to fill in all the info using a simple online tool. 

Get started here: Blurb's Chicken Soup for the Soul Book 

*DISCLOSURE:  Please note that Sometimes Eventful is a Blurb affiliate. This means that if you purchase an item from Blurb via a link or banner ad on this site, I will receive a small commission.  Blurb may provide Sometimes Eventful with a small incentive commission for promoting "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books on this Blog.

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