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A Fall Weekend in Algonquin Park

Our camping season came to an end last weekend, and we closed it out in spectacular fashion with a trip to Algonquin Park.  Planned over five months ago, we chose the last weekend in September in anticipation that the park would be at the peak of it's autumn colour change - leaves ablaze in orange, red and gold.

Algonquin Park did not disappoint us.

Leading up to our trip, we had cold nights and warm days, which are the essential ingredients for leaves to reveal their true colours.

Cold nights and warm days are also the ingredients for a perfect fall weekend filled with hiking, campfires, hot chocolate, giggles, roaring laughter and quiet thoughts.

Perfect for a family weekend outdoors that saw us disconnect from the craziness of our daily routine and reconnect with our true selves and each other.

Fall hiking the Lookout Trail Algonquin Park

The colours of Fall reach from ground to sky in Algonquin.

And there is nothing that can be compared to the deep woodsy smells of a forest at this time of year. Or the sounds of leaves whispering through the air as they fall from the trees and crunch under hiking shoes and dog paws.

Fall camping Algonquin Park Canisbay Lake

Crunchy leaves aren't all we heard at Algonquin this past weekend.  Chipmunks were full of business getting ready for winter.  They teased poor Hope constantly, running across our site just out of reach of her leash. How did they know where their safe zone was?  And the squeaks and chirps of their chatter was a constant soundtrack to our own chatter around the campsite.

While we were bathed in the fiery hues of fall for most of our trip, Algonquin also revealed another side to her autumn personality.  Clutching steaming mugs of coffee and hot chocolate, wearing down jackets and light, wool toques we were reminded on misty, early mornings that fall is a bridesmaid to winter, waiting just around the corner.

Canisbay Lake Algonquin Park

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  1. Nice pics! Glad you had a good time. The weather was just amazing!

    1. Thanks! I think that a fall camping trip is going to become a new family tradition for us. Now, if there was a way to guarantee such awesome weather every year we'd be set! Next year, we're taking the canoe - something we regretted leaving at home this year.

  2. Beautiful pictures, love the fog over the lakes!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I have to admit, it can be hard dragging myself out of a warm bed on a chilly, foggy morning on a campsite. But it is totally worth the effort. The forest and lakes present a completely different side early in the morning as the world just begins to wake up. It's an amazing experience that often reminds me WHY we get outside.


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