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A Little Fishing Story About Doing Something and Nothing at the Same Time

There was a time when Alex and I would spend as much time as possible fishing.  We'd race home from work, grab our rods and tackle boxes, throw some sandwiches in a backpack and head to the river with Hope the Wonder Dog. We have a few favourite spots close to home where we'd cast from shore and hope to snag at least a few bites.

I can't say we're were the most successful fishers, but the time we spent along the river was always special. We wouldn't talk much. But it didn't matter. We were outside together.  Stress? What's that? It didn't exist when we were fishing. Unless you count the times we had to un-snag our lines from under rocks or the occasional overhanging tree branch. That could be stressful. Kind of.

 Often, we'd be packing up our gear and heading down a trail to get back to our vehicle in the dark.

Alex taught me how to fish.  That means he also taught me how to put a live, wriggling, slimy worm on a hook. And how to tie that hook onto a line. And how to take a fish off a hook and release it back to the river.

This little fish swam away to see another day.

Alex also taught me the importance of being patient and moving slowly but surely.  Believe me - that was (and still is) a hard thing for me to learn.

I figured out for myself that the beauty of fishing is that you're doing something and nothing all at the same time.

Those days of rushing to the river after work have slipped away.  But when we go camping, the rods are always packed with the rest of the gear.  And, Alex has a new student. He's been teaching Emma the art of fishing since she was three years old.  In fact, he's caught more fish with her Dora the Explorer rod in the last five years than he's caught with his own gear.

Those lessons are paying off.  She has no problem handling worms and is learning how to put one on her hook. She's great at casting.

Silent Lake Provincial Park
Emma does have a bit of an issue when she actually catches something. She screams. And wants to run away.  You know, the squeals of an eight year-old girl really carry across a Silent Lake.

She's working on it.

But really, the most important lesson that she's learning when she's fishing with her dad is the beauty of doing something - and nothing - at the same time.

Silent Lake Provincial Park

It's Ontario Family Fishing Week  That means you can fish without a license. So go grab a rod and some worms and head to the water.  It's the perfect reason to get outside and do something (and nothing). 


  1. I tried so hard to get my daughters to love fishing, and so did their dad. I still love to fish and I renew my licence every year...just in case I get the opportunity. I can relate too! It takes a lot of patience to fish, but as a yoga teacher, it's a lot like learning to meditate and so worth the experience. I hope Emma continues to enjoy, even if it means ripping a worm in half to make the experience last as long as the bait.

  2. Thank you for your nice sharing. Your daughter is very nice. Hope you enjoy too much. I used to go with my father for fishing in my leisure time and summer vacation. I like fishing from my childhood.


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