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Getting Behind the Scenes - Doors Open Guelph, Sleeman Centre

Sometimes, when a door opens for peek behind the scenes you have to take advantage of the opportunity. Especially when that door is opening to a place you would normally never have a chance to explore.

So when Doors Open Guelph welcomed visitors to the Sleeman Centre and the inner-sanctum of the Guelph Storm's home ice, we jumped at the opportunity to check it out.  

For a wide-eyed Storm fan, it was an exciting experience to see where the home-town hockey heroes hang-out before, during and after a game. It didn't take long for the hockey fan's imagination to get a breakaway.....

What is it like to get ready for a big game?

Strategizing in the dressing room

How does it feel to jump the boards for your shift?

What are you thinking when you get a penalty?

There was no question about one thing - Doors Open Guelph at the Sleeman Centre was a game-winning goal!

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