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What? It's March?

It's almost the middle of March.  That means January and February are over. The daylight is lasting longer. And I saw my first robin yesterday.

Somehow, I seemed to have missed 2 and a half months of blogging!

How the heck did that happen?

Don't worry - I haven't been completely hibernating.  In fact, the last couple of months have been so busy the days have flown by.  We've been skiing, winter geocaching and had an awesome visit to a local maple syrup farm.

Yup. We've been taking advantage of what has turned out to be a great winter for getting outside.

Sorry I haven't shared with you. I promise - I'll catch up with you soon!

If you'd like a quick view of what I've been doing these last few months check out me out on Facebook!  You'll find pictures, links and some other neat stuff that all relate to the same kind of stuff I post on my blog. 

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