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Something Old, Something New, Something Eventful - Falling Into Nature at Rattlesnake Point

(UPDATED: Information about the 2013 Fall Into Nature event is at the end of the post. You should go!)

We have a family tradition of going for a hike on Thanksgiving Weekend. Around here, the fall colours are at their peak, the weather is usually perfect to hit the trails and a little extra exercise is never a bad idea at this particular time of year. (Turkey leftovers, anyone?)

This year we gave thanks for a lot of things, including a gorgeous day on (Canadian) Thanksgiving Monday and the fact that we live close to the beautiful Niagara Escarpment.  So off we went to Rattlesnake Point, a conservation area that has it all...

Rattlesnake Point, Fall Into Nature, Halton Parks
Conservation Halton's Rattlesnake Point. 
Great trails, a few geocache hides, beautiful views and and very cool geological features....

Rattlesnake Point, Fall Into Nature, Halton Parks

This isn't the first time we've been to Rattlesnake Point on Thanksgiving weekend, but it is the first time we've been to the park during Conservation Halton's "Fall Into Nature" festival.  We really don't need a festival to convince us to come here, but Falling Into Nature was definitely a great new addition to our old tradition.

There was live music...

Rattlesnake Point, Fall Into Nature, Halton Parks
Ruth Sutherland and Doug Feaver of Scantily Plaid - a fun duo that played a great set of some classic tunes.
Crafts for kids.....

Tile painting with fall colours.
But let's face it. The real reason we were there was to take a hike during my most favourite time of year.  We were there to breathe crisp air, listen to leaves crunching underfoot, feel cozy in warm sweaters and take in the beauty of a Canadian autumn day.

Rattlesnake Point, Fall Into Nature, Halton Parks

Mission accomplished.

You Should Go!  Here's What You Need To Know:

Conservation Halton's Fall Into Nature Festival takes place on Thanksgiving weekend (October 12 to 14) and the weekend of October 19 and 20. Festival events run at all seven of Conservation Halton's main parks: Crawford LakeHilton FallsKelsoMountsbergMount Nemo, Rattlesnake Point and Robert Edmondson Conservation Areas.   

Each conservation area has it's own personality and special features. Fall Into Nature activities take advantage of those features and provide visitors with some great options to enjoy what is unique at each park.  Check out the website to find out what's on the menu here: Conservation Halton: Fall Into Nature
Regular park admission applies.