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Logging A Milestone Find: 100 Geocaches

We reached a geocaching milestone this weekend. 100 finds! This is what 100 finds looks like:

Even Hope the Geo-Wonder-Dog was smiling.

We reached our milestone at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area on (Canadian) Thanksgiving Monday. How cool is that? It's a beautiful spot for a significant find.   How perfect is it that name of the cache is "She Was Stunning"? Yes - the views were stunning, the trail was stunning and finding 100 caches was stunning.

There were a LOT of people around, which isn't really ideal for looking for secret, hidden containers using a GPS. In fact, I've never seen the trails so busy.  And I'm guessing most of those people have no idea what geocaching is, or why people like us are poking around spaces between rocks trying to look all casual.  I can't even begin to guess what they thought about our sign. Really. Who the heck goes hiking carrying a big piece of poster board?  When I asked some random passer-by on the trail to take our picture, I could only explain the sign with a lame, "It's a long story...."

But it doesn't matter if we looked a bit odd. Reaching 100 was definitely eventful.

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    1. Thanks, Erica! It was exciting to reach our goal. One day, when I have as many finds as you, I'll look back on this post and smile. :) BTW, I was inspired by your blog and added my Geocaching Stat Bar to my geoposts. Thanks for the idea!


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