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Port Rowan Bayfest - A little trip off the Ontario tourist map

When we decided to go to Long Point Provincial Park for our last camping trip of the summer my friend and fellow camping-mom, tipped me off about a little festival that happens each year in a town about 20 minutes away from the park gates. Perfect!  Wherever we go camping, we like to explore the surrounding area and take in a bit of the local scene.

So this Labour Day Weekend we checked out Port Rowan's Bayfest.

The carnival was small, but enough to satisfy our seven-year old thrill seeker.  Emma checked out the Fun slide....

And the Fun House...

And tried her hand at a game of chance.  Who can resist trying to win a giant, inflatable, pink hammer?

We rocked along to some blues and classic rock thanks to a great band called the Bay Bouys.

And we took Hope to watch the dog show.  We were kind of hoping she would get some tips from the very well-trained dogs in the show. I'm sure she did. She's probably just waiting to show them off when we're really not expecting it.

Spending the day at Port Rowan's Bayfest was a really nice way to get a glimpse of small-town Ontario.  And the visit reinforced that going camping is also going travelling and a great way to visit different communities that are just a little off the tourist map.