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Geocaching. You know you're into it when.....

We started geocaching earlier this year.  It didn't take long for us to discover that this is a great outdoor pursuit that our family can enjoy together, just about everywhere we go. Six months later, this little hobby seems to have turned into a bit of an obsession.  The other day, Alex looked me straight in the eye and said... "I think we're geogeeks".

I'm not sure if he was looking for validation or intervention.   So I went with validation.  And I added some reassurance that I'm right there with him for the georide.

If you're into geocaching, you may have a raging case of geogeekism just like us. Here are the signs:

1) You add the prefix "geo" to any word or phrase even remotely related to the activity. For example, you have a geodog/hound who accompanies you and your geokid in the geomobile to find a geocache.  But before you hop in the geomobile to hit the geotrail you grab your geopack full of geoswag and related geogear.  I think you get the geoidea.

2) Your most recent art and craft project involved camouflage tape and a plastic, leak-proof container.

Saturday morning craft project. Container, puzzles, spinning tops and balls from Dollarama. Camo tape from  The Cacher's Toy Box.
3) You wish the dollar store had a frequent shopper program so you can earn points for all the stuff you've bought to a) make a geocache and/or b) put in a geocache.

4) Everywhere you go, you see perfect hiding spots for a geocache. And then you check your app to see if there is a cache nearby.

5) You get annoyed when your geoconversation with your geobuddies gets interrupted in the office by "real" work.

6) You go geocaching during the lunch/networking portion of a conference and then try to act all casual when you get back to the meeting late, holding a piece of bone with a tag attached to it, that you found in an ammunition can hidden in the woods just meters from your meeting venue.

7) You're proud to tell people you have travel bugs.

8) You think spending your wedding anniversary at a geocaching event with over 450 people is a GREAT idea! And you don't even care if you are standing beside your spouse for a group photo because what really matters is that you're holding the event banner and having a great time with some awesome geobuddies.

9) You use the term "muggle" as a normal part of conversation.

10) You try to recruit non-geocachers to the game as soon as they show even a slight interest.  This means you answer the question "What is geocaching" with "It's awesome! You should try it! Wanna go with me?Now?"

I could list a lot more signs of being a geogeek, but that would turn this blog post into an e-book. So I'll leave you with this final thought..... if you nodded, laughed out loud or even remotely related to any of these points, you are probably a geogeek too.  Don't worry. Don't seek help. Just grab a fellow cacher, hit the geotrail and know that there are many more like you out there.

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