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What's a little rain while you're camping?

Six days of rain on a seven day camping trip can be a little much.  This was not-so-scientifically proven during our Bon Echo Provincial Park camping trip last week.

But when a one-week camping trip is your big holiday plan for the summer, you have to learn to make the best of the weather no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.  This is really important if you want to avoid a serious case of cabin fever. Because three people and a dog stuck in a tent-trailer can be a challenge when wet weather sets in for more than a day.   One can only play so many rounds of board and card games - especially when one of the players is seven years-old and seems to win every round we play.

So last week we put on our raincoats, laughed in the face of the rain and checked out two of Bon Echo's Trails.

Bon Echo Creek Trail.  This is an easy walk that takes about 20 minutes, one way.  This trail isn't a loop, so if you missed something going one way, you'll see it on the way back!  It's a great trail for younger kids and provides nice opportunities to see both forest and river habitats.  
Happily, we all avoided a really serious case of "I'm going to lose my mind" flu and we discovered something cool. Hiking in the forest during rainy weather is pretty awesome.

You can hear the rain, but not really feel it as you wander under the canopy of the trees.  The smell of the forest is more intense - earthy, green and fresh.

Abes and Essens Lake.  We did the first of three loops - a moderate, 4 km hike.  Moving at a steady pace with a 20 minute rest about halfway through, the hike took us about 2 hours.  
The birds are quiet. Frogs are happy.

You see the environment around you through a completely different lens.


And when there is a break in the raindrops at the same time as you reach a beautiful clearing on the trail, it's perfect for sitting the camera on a nearby rock and setting the timer  for a quick family photo.  Because really, being together on a rainy day is really not so bad after all.