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Oh Canada! We Stand On Guard For These Great Reads

July 1st is a most excellent holiday for us Canadians.  It's Canada Day! We wear our red and white with pride and do awesomely Canadian things like go camping, go to festivities in the park, watch fireworks and spend time with friends and family.  We may even drink a beer or two... maybe.  

This year, I'll be celebrating our country's birthday in Algonquin Provincial Park with Alex, Emma and Hope.   We'll be canoeing and fishing and looking for moose and listening to the loons make their haunting calls across the lake. Oh yes, it doesn't get much more Canadian than that, eh!

And when the sun goes down, the smores have been eaten  and bedtime arrives we'll read a story or two before settling under our sleeping bags.

So in honour of Canada Day, I'd like share a few books that Emma and I enjoy together that have a great focus on Canada's awesome outdoors and help teach young readers (or listeners) a bit about our country in a way that's bright and fun.  Confession:  they've taught me a few things too!

ABC of CanadaCanada 123Canada All YearOh, Canada!Canada in Colours

A B C of Canada, Canada 1 2 3,  Canada All Year, Oh Canada and Canada In Colours are a series of books brilliantly illustrated by Per-Henrik Gurth.  A B C of Canada, Canada 1 2 3 are authored by Kim Bellefontaine.

Gurth travels across the country with a group of animal characters that are playful, engaging and friendly.  They spend time in each province with simple, fun text and bold pictures depicting iconic Canadian places and activities.  

Each time we look at these books, Em is completely engaged. We talk about the different places and I use the pictures as a launching pad to tell her my own stories of travelling to many of those places as a kid with my family and as an adult.  So take note - reading these stories can sometimes take a lot longer than the typical picture book!

These books would make great gifts, especially for visitors from somewhere other than Canada. Or take a couple with you when you travel to far-away places and leave them behind. I've acquired a couple of them in provincial park gift shops as "souvenirs" of camping trips.

For me, the books spark memories. For Em, the books spark her curiosity to learn about  - and eventually visit - places she's never seen. What an awesome way to learn about our country!

You Should Read Them! Here's What You Need to Know:
The books are published by Kids Can Press - a Canadian-owned publisher of children's books.
The average age range listed for these books is 4 - 6 years old. At the age of 7, Emma still enjoys them. And at 42 years old, so do I!
These books are easily found in-store and on-line at Amazon, Indigo and Chapters.
They are also available on the Kobo website as e-books - although only for the Kobo Vox or iPad.

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