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A bit of history - The Guelph Civic Museum

I have a personal belief that everyone should know a little something about the history of where they live. And one of the ways to do that in my home town is to visit the local museum. So when Emma asked if we could go to the new Guelph Civic Museum the other day, I was more than happy to grab the camera and head downtown.

We had a sneak peek before the museum officially opened a month or so ago, and a number of exhibits were still under construction. So this most recent visit was our first time seeing the it in it's official, open-to-the-public state.  The verdict? This is a Guelph destination that's totally worth the visit.

Located beside the city's iconic Church of Our Lady, the museum is housed in the very recently renovated Loretto Convent.  The building is beautiful. The exhibits are interesting, educational and well designed. And the admission prices are very reasonable.

The Royal City Families exhibit, view from the second level.

The real highlight of our time at the museum was hanging out in The Royal City Families exhibit.  If any of you visited the "old" museum, you will really appreciate how light, airy and modern our new museum's space for kids is now.  It is a huge improvement over the Waterloo Ave museum's children's gallery.

Bright and inviting, this was the space where we spent most of our time.  Because really, how cool is it to be a Guelph pioneer for a little while? 

Or to try and find your street on a massive satellite picture of our town? I spent a lot of time on this one... found the street where I live now. Found the street I grew up on. Found a bunch of places where I used to hang out, and a bunch of places I didn't even know existed!

If you can drag your kids away from the family gallery, you can show them a thing or two about how this town has grown up over the years in the Growing Guelph and City Galleries - and they can take their own peek into history.

A glimpse into the past. This model of Guelph's first building is decorated inside to give a glimpse of life "way back then".

You should go! Here's what you need to know:

52 Norfolk St, Guelph, Ontario
Open daily 1 - 5 pm
$4.00 Adult
$3.00 Senior (65+), Student (15 years old to College/University), Child (2 to 14 years old)
$10.00 Family — 2 adults & 3 children maximum


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  1. Looks like an awesome spot! Thanks for the info. I'm so glad you had a nice time. :)


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