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It's Easter - Release the hounds and help out NSD

Today was the perfect day for an Easter egg hunt.... 

And this egg hunt was definitely eventful.  
As we approached the start line, we couldn't believe the number of eggs scattered across the "hunting field"!  Seeing all those eggs really turned up the excitement and everyone was pulling at their leashes for the hunt to start.  

Wait a minute. Leashes?

With the shout of "GO!" we were off! Adrenaline was pumping and the hounds were running. Eggs were being snatched all around us.  Tongues were lolling and tails were wagging as Hope the Wonder Dog joined hundreds of other dogs at Guelph's Riverside Park (and other events in cities across Ontario) for the annual fundraiser National Service Dogs' Easter Egg Hunt.

The National Service Dogs' mission is "to enrich the quality of life and enhance the independence of children and families living with autism and special needs by providing them with specially trained Labrador and Golden Retrievers."   

Happy dogs, happy kids, beautiful weather and an organization that helps to change lives for children and their families. That is definitely a winning combination on Good Friday.  Especially if you're a hound....

And the eggs are filled with dog cookies.

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