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Canoe for sale - memories not included.

We went to the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto a few weekends ago and had a blast.  In fact, we were so excited about the coming  season of outdoor fun and adventure that we treated ourselves to a brand-spanking new canoe.  (The guys at Swift Canoe were great!) So that meant we needed brand-spanking new pfd's.(Thanks for making sure we got the right fit Complete Paddler folks!)  I also think I found the place to get our next zip lining fix! (We might see you this summer, Long Point Eco Adventures).

I love the Outdoor Adventure Show!  Being there just gets us stoked to start the warm-weather season of outside awesomeness.

But the outcome of that show did present us with a bit of a problem. Now we need to get rid of the canoe we already own.  So I've been thinking about it, and I think the the ad should look like this:
For sale: Really, really heavy canoe. Very stable. Great for paddling with wiggly kids and dogs. Awesome as long you don't have to carry it very far.  Contains some rolled-eyes and differences of opinions, but mostly filled with fond memories and good laughs.

Oh yes - it definitely has carried it's fair share of rolled eyes and differences of opinions leading to "interesting" discussions.   The kind of discussions that end with "Just STOP paddling... I can do it myself."  That big red canoe hanging from the ceiling of the Labuz garage has been a team-building tool on more than one occasion.  But the funny thing about those very discussions and marital team-building moments, is that they also led to fond memories and good laughs.

 Like the time we tipped in a thigh-deep section of the Grand River somewhere between Cambridge and Paris.  We mocked the wee little rapids. We mocked each other. And we ended up getting wet because of it.  We don't remember what any of the arguments or eye rolls were about on that little excursion, but 6 years later we can't talk about that trip without laughing at the shock we felt when we tipped and remembering how good we felt at the end of the 4 hour tour. Or how awesome the scenery along The Grand can be. Or how big the fish swimming beside our canoe were.  Or how sneaky we felt as new parents when we dropped Emma off at daycare and played hooky from being "Mommy" and "Daddy" to spend the day on the river as just Gayle and Alex. (Shhhh - she still doesn't know about it!)

That big, heavy, stable canoe has carried my baby. And it's carried my dog. We've fished from it.  We've lounged in it.  Ok.. I've lounged in it while Alex paddled (see above note re: paddling "discussions").  We've fostered a love of being on Ontario waters with it.

Making memories on Algonquin's Mew Lake, 2011
But now it's time to send it to another home, where I hope the new owners will gain as much from that beast of a boat as we did.  We'll welcome the new canoe in the spring with open arms and eager paddles - ready to make new memories. I think we should plan another trip on the Grand River.  And  I'm sure this lighter, swifter model will work beautifully as a holder of rolled-eyes and differences of opinions and as a team builder and memory maker. 


  1. We just sent off our first canoe to a new home this week. *Sigh* the memories in that canoe are endless. LIke you we went down the Grand...only we did it Gunwale Bobbing Style lol. Enjoy your new canoe and the new memories that go with it.


  2. Thanks, Jen! I just checked out your blog... it's great! The picture in this post was taken on Mew Lake in Algonquin. This summer, we're heading to Canisby Lake. It will be our first time there. I'll definitely be posting about our 2012 Algonquin adventure - so please be sure to check back.


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