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Booking sites and dreaming of summer

Two campsites booked, one to go. A few weeks ago Alex booked a campsite at Algonquin Provincial Park, and yesterday he secured a site at Bon Echo Provincial Park. In a few more weeks, we'll be booking at Long Point Provincial Park.

Thinking about camping and planning trips is a great way to get through these last few weeks of winter, and these days, we're going to bed with visions of campfires dancing in our heads.

We chose each park for different reasons and with different expectations for each campground. 

Algonquin is familiar to us, although we've chosen Canisbay Lake for the 20112 trip - a campground we haven't experienced.  We know the park will welcome us with the promise of some great hiking and paddling. And if all goes well, a moose sighting or two! 

Bon Echo is a park we've never visited. It lures us with the promise of more paddling and seeing native pictographs.  This is a campground that's been on my list of places to see for a very long time.

And Long Point is the familiar, laid-back, beach-bum, vacation destination that will close out our summer.  This may be the place where we'll find our Ontario zip-lining adventure.

Ahhhh..... summer.  It's coming. Can you picture it?

Long Point Provincial Park (2011)
Mew Lake, Algonquin Park (2011)

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