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Love is in the air

It’s Valentine’s Week, and Love is in the air, so naturally it’s time for the us to get really serious about camping season. Yes, really.  Mid-February means that we’re talking campsites. We’re talking canoes. We’re talking Outdoor Adventure shows. 
On Feb 25 we’re heading to the Outdoor Adventure Show at the International Centre, located near Pearson Airport. I really like this show.   There’s enough stuff to be interesting but not overwhelming, the demos are cool, and the parking is free.  
Check out the details here: Outdoor Adventure Show.   Even the littlest Labuz –  Emma  - had a great day at the show last year.  And she was only 5 years old!
So here’s the plan for the Outdoor Adventure Show:
Have a blast
Find some deals
Buy a canoe 
Find out if there is a place in Ontario that will allow Emma to go zip lining at the ripe age of 7. 
Zip lining?  Yup. Because this….
…was way too fun in Costa Rica
And we really want to do it again. 
I think this may be the start of a quest for something really eventful this summer.

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