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Hockey afternoon in Guelph - making memories and remembering the '80s

We drove past the Market Rink Square this Family Day afternoon on the way to the Guelph Storm game. Wow! It was awesome to see so many people downtown and taking a spin around the ice.  The Littlest Labuzer summed up the sight when she announced that skating downtown was something we have to do soon. Yup, we'll be lacing them up for sure before the ice turns to mush and Market Square is showing off its new water feature instead of an ice rink.

Speaking of the Guelph Storm, we had fun at the game on Family Day.  Not because the team did well. In fact, the game was brutal with Guelph losing to Kitchener 6-1. Blah.   Luckily, my lovely 6 year-old doesn't know how a real hockey game is supposed to be played and had a blast anyway.  To be honest, even I don't really know how a really hockey game is supposed to be played. But I know one thing. Today's game wasn't a good one.  Despite the trouncing our team took, you still  have to love Spike and Stormy - the team mascots - and the Storm organization for keeping things lively even when the team is having an terrible off game.  We even made it on the big screen when it was time for the Spyke Dance Cam. The Littlest Labuzer was a bit embarrassed. Of course that made it even more fun.

So here's the funny thing for me about going to a hockey game.  I used to be a concession girl at Guelph's Memorial Gardens back in the '80s.  Ah yes. The days when mullets were cool and neon colours were perfectly acceptable in outerwear fashion.  And you know what?  Years later, with my daughter holding my hand as we walked around the Sleeman Centre, the popcorn smells the same, the sound of the crowd hasn't changed, AC DC still gets cranked to hype the crowd.  And the mullets and neon colours are still plentiful.
Really.  I love this town.

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  1. Great picture! Hard to believe mullets were ever cool, huh?


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