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I'm Certified: Earning Red Cross First Aid Certification Through Blended Learining

I recently completed my Standard First Aid CPR Level C certification. It was time well-spent gaining knowledge and training about something I hope I never, ever have to use. But let’s get real. With the types of things me and my family do in our spare time, I’m eventually going to use some of that training. In fact, I can count a number of times over the last year or two where I wished I had more formal knowledge to apply first aid treatment, but instead had to reach into the far depths of my memory to provide some basic help.
One of the biggest obstacles to taking the training before now was time. The certification course I wanted to take is traditionally held over two, full days. I work full time, so weekdays weren’t a good option. My weekends are filled with getting all the regular life chores completed. And then there are the camping trips and hikes and canoe trips and general getting outside and doing stuff activities that I like to tell you guys about. Finding an entire free weekend when the first aid training was offered proved to be a challenge.

I started to look at online learning as an option. But as I dug deeper into what was offered online, I learned that most of the training offered online doesn't actually earn you OFFICIAL Red Cross certification. And on top of that, a lot of employers won't recognize the training if you need it for your work. It was discouraging, but it actually made sense. Can you truly learn how to do CPR simply by watching a video?

And then I discovered that KMW Outreach Inc., a local, certified, Canadian Red Cross training partner provides an option to achieve your Red Cross Standard First Aid certification that combines online training with hands-on time in the classroom. 

Gear Review: Pakka Overtrousers from Mountain Warehouse

Anyone who has spent any time outdoors in Ontario this season is going to have at least one "and we got rained-on" story. Earlier this week, Emma and I added another rain story to our list, as we paddled and portaged for over three hours in the rain. The weather conditions weren't great for starting off our three-day canoe trip, but they were perfect for trying out rain pants I bought a couple of years ago, but haven't been able to really put to the test. Here's my review of the the Pakka Waterproof Overtrousers from Mountain Warehouse. (Seriously. They are called Overtrousers. It's a British thing.)

Test result #1: Three hours of steady rain and slogging over muddy, wet portages is a great way to put your rain pants to the test.

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