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Yikes! We Started the Year with a Stride & Stretch

Each year, I set one goal on January 1. It's the same goal every year: in the coming months of getting outside, try something different or new. I'm happy to report that I've already accomplished that goal, and we're only three days into the new year! We joined the Stride and Stretch NewYear's Day hike at a local trail. We never do group hikes, but this is one particular group that I've wanted to hike with for some time. And their 3rd annual New Year's Day Hike was the perfect opportunity to start the year on the right foot - literally -  and try something a little different.

Giving back

Anybody who spends time outdoors will tell you that they get something special from the experience. That something special is unique to every single person. It could be physical or mental health benefits, family bonding time, personal rejuvenation, creative inspiration.... the list is endless. No matter what it is, we all get something positive out of getting outside. One thing that I've noticed in the outdoors community, is that thing we get from being outside often translates into something we want to give back or to pay forward to others so that they can get something special from getting outside, too.