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#WeGiveBack: Some ideas for #GivingTuesdayCA

It's Giving Tuesday! This is the day to help balance all of the commercial, spending frenzies that happen over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People can open their wallets, their hearts, their time and their talent to help organizations in their communities.... whether that community is their hometown, their playground, their country or the community of Planet Earth.

Winter Camping Starts In The Kitchen

We haven't been camping in months. Months! We're having some pretty serious withdrawal around here. So, we've been keeping ourselves in the spirit of getting outside by planning and prepping for our next trip. We're heading out into the winter wild(ish) to camp in a hot tent at Algonquin's Mew Lake Campground in less than a couple of months. Woohoo!

Alex has been cooking up a storm, makinghis signature Polish Bigos as well as a mushroom and beef stew. We're talking big batch cooking, here. And the house smells awesome.

He'll freeze today's results (after we have a sample for dinner) and then we'll enjoy them on the campsite as hot, hearty meals after a day of winter fun.

Wondering what Bigos is? Basically, it's a stew made with meat and sauerkraut. Alex says the more kinds of meat, the better the taste. His version today has smoked kielbasa, pork and maple bacon in it. This is the stuff of heroes when you need calories (and comfort) in your food to stay warm. I can't tell you what else is in the recipe. Not because it's a secret, but because I can't read the cookbook. Seriously. He brought it with him from the old country and it's written in Polish. What I can tell you, is that whatever he makes from that book is always incredibly good. And when were savouring all that meaty goodness in our hot tent, I'll be thanking the stars once again that I have a husband who has a magic cookbook that he knows how to use.

Getting Outside with a wheelchair at Halton Parks

Did you know that there are trails at a couple of Conservation Halton parks that are designed to help people in wheelchairs enjoy getting outside and into nature? And did you also know that there are all-terrain wheelchairs available to help people get on those trails? I know! I think it's pretty awesome, too.
An all-terrain wheelchair at Crawford Lake Conservation Area
The last time we were at Crawford Lake Conservation Area, Alex and I enjoyed walking one of the wide, groomed paths as part of our hike. We followed it from a gorgeous lookout that provides a great view over the Nassagaweya Canyon. I was so excited that this part of the Escarpment trail made it possible for anyone - on legs or on wheels - to meander through the forest and enjoy the lookout.

Girls Belong Here

#GirlsBelongHere. They belong in the outdoors where they get dirty and test their limits and learn to be strong when faced by the challenges of nature as well as the people around them.